Haven’t updated…

It’s been a while since I last posted. There’s so much going on, my boyfriend, school stuff, college apps and more mental breakdowns hahahaha! Wish I’ll have the time to write about it. And probably no one cares haha

Wish you all the best



An artwork for school

Story time

My art teacher gave us an assignment on which we would make an artwork that would represent us and we should present it to class. Some of my classmates passed their good photographs, some passed videos of them singing or dancing, while me, I passed a visual artwork, well..a drawing because that’s the only thing I think I’m good at and have confidence to show in class.

The good thing is that my teacher gave us enough time to make our “artwork”. At first I was nervous that I wouldn’t have a good idea for a drawing. The first step I made was to list down all the things that are related to my personality. Then I tried to think about what it would look like, I wanted it to look poetic and non-normal. 

It was only two days before the deadline and I still haven’t started making it. Then one night I couldn’t sleep, suddenly great ideas were constantly coming in my mind and it was too fast so I had to stand up to get my journal and list it all down. It did not only give me ideas for my artwork but also for the video greeting I was going to make for my boyfriend’s birthday. I experienced that kind of moment before where ideas come into my head, and it was great that it happened when I needed it the most because sometimes I’m just BLANK. And I experience this in the most random times but I’m noticing similarities on when and where my mind suddenly becomes so helpful and creative (gonna write a blog post about this).

I never thought that my work would go according to plan, but this is the only time again when I felt proud myself. So here’s what it looks like:

I don’t mean to be vain but yeah that’s my face. I had my sister to take a photo of me using my phone. Because I thought that the artwork should represent us and whose face should be in there? Of course mine. Take note: I hate doing self-portraits. Then there’s the moon, if you’re reading my blog then you probably already get why there’s a gigantic moon in my drawing. Apparently I have this obsession with anything outer space especially the moon, rocketships, and aliens. To make it short, the other small drawings are the things that symbolizes me. Like the books and film on the bottom, my ear with earphones on it because who on earth doesn’t love music, a city sky line where I explained how beautiful it looks and how much I love staring at it especially at night, and a hot air balloon which represent my love for heights and going places. When you turn it upside down you would see trees and mountains because I find peace in natural places, then of course there’s the lighthouse which all my old classmates knew my obsession with it, beside it is the sea, and please don’t get me started talking about how much I love the sea. If you want to, check out my blogpost about it, “Something about the sea”. Lastly I’m surrounded by stars because stars are just beautiful in the sky along with other heavenly bodies.

I am very glad on the result of my artwork and also on the time of the presentation because at that time my classmates were already bored and when I showed it to them it caught their attention and applaud. But as I was speaking I couldn’t stop shaking and stuttering which is really annoying.

So that’s the story of my artwork for school, I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope it’s not boring. 

I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’m sorry because school already started and I haven’t had a great motivation to write until now. 

I hope you are all having an awesome day!


Having low pride doesn’t make you weak…

In friends and in relationships, I’ve always known that I have low pride. The first one to apologize, the first one to open up the issue, to admit mistakes, always forgives, and more. I know that a lot of people are alike and I just want to say to those people, or you who’s reading this that YOU. ARE. NOT. WEAK. In fact, it means that you are the stronger person.

In relationships, arguments will lead to fights and if no one backs down and lowers their pride, the fight would only last longer which will make no sense and a waste of time.

One thing I learned from a friend is that fights shouldn’t last long and if you love the person you would fight to keep them. Sometimes you just gotta be the bigger person.

There are situations where people would take advantage of this beautiful personality of yours. My advice is to not let them. You should always set you limitations. Yes, admit your mistakes, but if you know yourself and you’re sure that you did nothing wrong, and a person made a mistake to you, let them apologize. 

There are also people who has pride higher that Mt. Everest (trust me, I encountered one, never got my apology). I guess my advice would is to have peace with yourself on that thought and just be happy rather than finding peace with that person who couldn’t even say the word “sorry”.

To all people who has low pride, please don’t ever think that you are weak for being that way. You’re probably the reason why you’re still friends with someone or in a relationship with someone. But again don’t ever let them take advantage of that and let them use it against you.

I hope you’re having a great day!


Imagining my death like a movie scene…


I told you all…my posts would be very random. By the way, I’m not going to talk about my past depression and suicidal thoughts. I just want to share my weird thoughts where no one knows me, which is here on my blog.

Anyways, I have this weird thing where I would imagine my funeral and my death like a movie scene. I imagine what my friends and families would say which sometimes even makes me cry. Oh gosh I am so weird. 

Sometimes I would imagine that it would be a car accident or that I would get diagnosed with lukemia and sometimes by saving another person’s life. It’s not that I want it to happen to me, it’s just that my mind is a little weird in some ways.

But I always have to remind myself and to all who are familiar with the same thought that we should focus more on how we would spend our time left in our lives rather than our deaths. Because I believe that God gave us this opportunity to learn, to have a purpose and to do something about this world. In the end we will have peace with Him.

I would love to hear more about your weird thoughts, please comment down below.

I hope you’re having a great day!


A little girl made my day…

“You’re beautiful”

I was on my way to fetch my little sister from her school. I was passing by two children, a boy and a girl playing with a ball. I think they were about 3 or 4 years old. I noticed the little girl was staring at me and she was smiling. I smiled back at her and she kept staring. Then I was surprised when she said “You’re beautiful”. That wasn’t the exact words because we have a different language here in my country, but she told me I was beautiful. She made me smile even more and I told her “Thank you! You’re beautiful too!”  

Who knew that a random little girl would make my day? Those simple words made me feel very happy and I would probably remember her for a long time. What’s more special about it is that it came from an innocent child that I never met before. 

What I regret right now is that I didn’t take a photo of her. I should’ve thought of taking a photo of her earlier.

I think everyone should practice this, randomly complimenting strangers in a polite and respectful way. In that way, we’ll never know, we might cheer up a person who’s having a bad day, or we might even change a person’s life. 

Do you have any similar stories you want to share? Comment down below and I would love to here it. 

You, yes you, the person reading this…YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. 

I hope you are all having a lovely day!


*the eye on the photo was my little sister’s, I took that photo months ago

Another moon photo


Hey there! I haven’t posted in like two days and it made me really disappointed because I told myself I’m gonna post daily.

Anyways this is about my another attempt to take a good photo of the lovely moon, and I think this is much better than the last one.

Again I’m still using a 55mm dslr Canon camera in manual mode and just cropped the photo.

Here they are:

So these are different photos, the shutter speed on the first three photos are a little higher than the last one that’s why it’s a darker, but I couldn’t choose on which looks better so I just showed them all. I feel like the first three adds more emotion to the photo because it’s darker and the last one looks good too because it’s brighter and more clear.

I feel like the words I’m typing sounds really stupid right now so just please focus on the photos and tell me what you think or even share your thoughts about the moon too and how much you love it as much as I do. Okay, I should really stop now…

I hope you’re having an awesome day!


Coffee date

Photo diary

This is my first photo diary blog post.  To explain it, I will share about my day using a couple of photos taken from that day with captions that would tell the story. I hope you like it:

July 3, 2017

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Summer vacation is nearly over here in my country, and since it was vacation I didn’t get to see my school friends that much. First is because the distance, next is because we were all short on money. Today, I finally got to catch up again and chill with them.

Love for latte

A photo of me taken by my friend

For me, a coffee shop is a perfect place for people to have deep chats and just chill. What I love most about them is the ambiance especially the smell of coffee beans.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The best part of this day is by having my friends around. They always give me positive vibes and I think everyone should always have time to relax and not stress about things every once in while in order to avoid being insane.

I hope you all had a great day!