Hey humans, you can call me ‘K’ and welcome to my mind. In this you can find all my thoughts on a particular day, film, artist, book, show, or on the most weirdest things ever. I’m not really sure if this would entertain anyone but I just want to write about it and share it to random people that might have the same thoughts on something so I won’t feel weird.

I want to let you know that I would probably have depressing or triggering posts that I could explain further on blog posts, but I think I would mostly post about the things I love like films, novels, art, and photography.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, I did a couple of times but I’m having trouble on keeping it going. I really hope I would keep this one for a long time.

Another thing is I don’t really find myself as a good writer but I just love doing it so please don’t judge me.

No one in the world would probably be reading this but I would keep my hopes up. So if there’s anyone there, hi! You’re awesome!


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