Hello there…

…the angel from my nightmare…

Sorry for the lame intro but you gotta admit it’s an awesome song. To the people who didn’t get that, it’s the lyrics from Blink-182’s song ‘I miss you’. So yeah, prepare for lame writing and incorrect grammars! Just kidding, I’m sorry I have very low self-esteem. And that’s only one of my mental issues, if you read my blog you’ll figure out more. You probably don’t care about my thoughts but I’ll put it here anyway, feel free to read it and maybe you could relate or something, especially if you’re also a troubled teenager who’s still figuring out how life works. But really, I love writing but I don’t really think I’m good at it so please bear with me. I really hope you’ll enjoy reading!

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Hey humans, you can call me ‘K’ and welcome to my mind. In this you can find all my thoughts on a particular day, film, artist, book, show, or on the most weirdest things ever. I’m not really sure if this would entertain anyone but I just want to write about it and share it to random people that might have the same thoughts on something so I won’t feel weird.

I want to let you know that I would probably have depressing or triggering posts that I could explain further on blog posts, but I think I would mostly post about the things I love like films, novels, art, and photography.

I’ve always wanted to start a blog, I did a couple of times but I’m having trouble on keeping it going. I really hope I would keep this one for a long time.

Another thing is I don’t really find myself as a good writer but I just love doing it so please don’t judge me.

No one in the world would probably be reading this but I would keep my hopes up. So if there’s anyone there, hi! You’re awesome!

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.